Phoenix Event Marketing Get Ready For Miami Adventure

30 January 2017 Luke Business

Southampton based event marketing firm Phoenix Event Marketing has announced that on the 1st of February they will be jetting out to Miami, Florida, for one of their biggest business trips to date.

Phoenix Event Marketing is an event based sales and marketing company that specialises in creating positive connections between brands and their consumers. The firm works closely with clients from a variety of sectors, using face-to-face marketing strategies as a platform for building a more personal relationship with their clients target audiences. This in-person, one on one approach has allowed the firm to become leaders in the outsourced sales and marketing industry by increasing clients’ daily acquisitions, offering greater brand awareness and delivering cost-effective results. Through their revolutionary marketing techniques, Phoenix Event Marketing has been able to grow significantly over the last six months, culminating in leading industry consultants naming the firm as the UK’s leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing solutions.

Determined to keep pace and hold on to their title, Phoenix Event Marketing has been putting significant plans in place to make 2017 their most successful year yet. The first stage of this plan is set to be held on the 1st of February when the firm will be jetting off to Miami Florida for a very special business trip. Making the most of their connections with industry professionals across the globe, Phoenix Event Marketing will be spending time with some of Miami’s most formidable sales and marketing entrepreneurs- working alongside them and learning about the U.S market. With overseas expansion currently being of tremendous interest to the Southampton firm this opportunity to experience the demands and trends of markets in the USA will be invaluable and help the company to pinpoint potential locations for future growth. The trip will also present the firm with the chance to widen their connections in America with a number of networking events set to take place during their visit.

Phoenix Event Marketing is adamant that when it comes to developing a business, it is vital to cast the net wide and look for opportunities outside the local market. This allows companies to gain new perspectives and gain a greater understanding of how their industry operates on a far larger scale. “When you get outside of your normal environment and allow yourself to experience new things, you create opportunities and develop yourself and your skills’ states Luke Walker, Managing Director of Phoenix Event Marketing.

However, while the primary focus of the trip will be business, Phoenix Event Marketing is keen to take in as much as possible during their Miami adventure, and the firm has set some time aside to experience local culture while away. As well as taking some time to visit some of the city’s most famous attractions, the firm will also be attending an NBA game on the 5th of February to see Miami Heat take on the Philadelphia 76ers. As a city passionate about its sport, the firm is in store for an unforgettable Miami experience.