Phoenix Event Marketing: Do you Have the Ability to Max Out?

11 January 2017 Luke Blog

Recently, sales and marketing firm Phoenix Event Marketing looked into how people can surpass their potential and build the ability to ‘max out’.

‘When working towards a goal, it is always crucial to give 110%’ states Phoenix Event Marketing. The firm is adamant that success only ever comes to those who push themselves outside of their comfort zones and make a conscious decision to expand their understanding of the world around them.

Phoenix Event Marketing believes that too many people expect opportunities to land in their laps and waste time and effort they could be investing in bettering themselves, into looking for shortcuts.  Many people fall into this trap due to the limits they put upon themselves, and Phoenix Event Marketing is adamant that when it comes to understanding potential, the majority of people are massively underestimating their power.

Phoenix Event Marketing believes that past experiences and failures are creating mental barriers between professionals and their potential success. Each time a person encounters a setback, it creates fear and self-doubt, which if left to fester in the mind will prevent them from making the most of opportunities in the future. Phoenix Event Marketing is eager to promote that rather than allowing setbacks to create negativity; people should see them as an opportunity to learn and grow. The firm is convinced that fear is a marker of what matters, and that people should use it as fuel – daring them to do something out of the ordinary.

In a recent meeting with young sales and marketing professionals, Phoenix Event Marketing took the opportunity to encourage a more positive mindset and push further than ever before to ‘Max Out’. The firm outlined how athletes and weightlifters are constantly pushing boundaries to discover their limits. In weight training especially, the need to constantly find and expand limits is an essential practice. Known as One-repetition maximum (or 1RM) the practice is the process of finding the maximum amount of force that can be generated in one maximal contraction.  The practice is regularly used to determine an individual’s maximum strength or to assess a person’s upper limit, to determine the desired “load” for an exercise.

By constantly working on finding and improving their maximum limit, athletes and weight lifters understand that improvement is a continuous process and that anything is possible with enough hard work, courage and determination – a message that Phoenix Event Marketing believes to be the key to business success.

Phoenix Event Marketing is an event based sales and marketing company located in Southampton. The firm works closely with clients from a variety of sectors, using face-to-face marketing strategies as a platform for building more personal connections with their clients target audiences. This in-person approach has allowed the firm to become leaders in the outsourced sales and marketing industry by increasing clients’ daily acquisitions, offering greater brand awareness and delivering cost-effective results.