Our Mission

We understand our clients look for 3 key principles when working with Phoenix Event Marketing:

Phoenix Event Marketing was created to acquire and retain customers in a personalised manner for all types of companies. Today, we lead the Hampshire area in innovative outsourced marketing campaigns. Client acquisition is one of the fastest growing trends in marketing these days. We set the standard for bringing suppliers and customers together in an easy going and unobtrusive way. We give the advertiser an opportunity to rise far above their competition with proven and measurable results. We take their campaigns to the next level and secure the consumer for the client directly.

Our clients have specific fields of expertise in the sports, entertainment, hospitality, charities, home renovation and telecommunications services. We feel we can complement their niche with a superior marketing and sales force to keep them busy doing what they do best. With hundreds of representatives nationally, our one-on-one approach allows us to get personal with our clients’ customers. Our in- store approach within large retail venues allows us to target shoppers who are already in a ‘spending money’ frame of mind. We are then able to market the product or service more effectively because of this. Allowing the consumer to interact with the product lines or ask questions about certain services helps create a buzz and energy attracts attention, thus more success for the campaign.