Phoenix Event Marketing is outsourced by larger national service providers to acquire and retain new business clients. Instead of hiring an internal department to handle their sales and marketing, the Fortune 100 clientele outsources the responsibility to Phoenix Events. Through face-to-face business negotiations at pre-booked event venues, Phoenix Event Marketing’s event sales consultants are able to bridge the gap between the large corporate service providers and the customers that use their services.

This is an aspect we are most proud of. There are two main factors attributing to our steady growth. Firstly, we have the unique privilege of working with clients that provide ongoing needs for their business customers. We do not sign with clients who sell luxuries or trend specific services. In fact, our services are needed even more during times like this where businesses need help growing. Secondly, we will only work with clients that are capable of maintaining the amount of customers we are capable of getting them. With the combination of the fact that businesses will not stop purchasing the service and the clients will not cease to desire more customer accounts, we are left with an ever thriving industry even in times of struggle.

The concept of sales and marketing is not a unique idea but the execution of sales and marketing makes the company unique.

For clients that have never had a direct sales or marketing workforce, we offer them a service that is more effective at reaching target markets than traditional forms of advertising (such as catalogues, media, commercials and print ads). Our scope and range is unlimited. Clients that have an existing internal sales force find that our sales force will not only outperform theirs, but that we will also make it more cost-effective for them. Better results at a lower cost equal an increased opportunity for growth for those around us as well as our clients.

Four main reasons clients gain a competitive advantage:
• Speed to market
• Results
• Quality of the customer experience
• Our people and our values mirror the clients’ values

Before committing long-term to a new campaign, a test market is done to ensure that it is mutually beneficial for both us and the client. A typical pilot program would be worked on for approximately six weeks. If proven successful, we will commit ourselves to a long-term contract with the client.